About Why Am I Suffering?

What is suffering? Well, it is different things to different people. For some it is a physical pain that defies silencing. It is limited mobility and a lessened life because of it.

For others, it might be mental anguish, emotional or intellectual-broken relationships, unfulfilled dreams, stymied ideas or even a loss of interest in life for some elusive reason.

For many others, suffering, and the pain it brings, is located in the financial aspect of life. There are always people who do not have enough money. Bills go unpaid, health issues go unaddressed and people go to bed hungry, if they have a bed to go to at all.

Then there is the spiritual aspect of things. People hurt inside themselves because they long for something "more" or for something "real". The journey to fill this longing can take souls on a lengthy twisted path that leaves a trail of extended consequences. So, the pain that started the journey ultimately results in more suffering.

For one of these reasons, a combination of them, or for reasons I did not mention here, your hope is all but completely gone. Fatigue consumes your body and mind to the point of wishing life would just go away.

Where is the success in life? Where is peace? Where is relief and why is my hope for a better tomorrow a mere vapor in the raging storms around me? When is this pain and misery, all this suffering which is so unnecessary, ever going to end?

These are big questions and clich├ęd answers abound. I get so tired of hearing people say there is no explanation for suffering in this world. Another popular response spoken by people is that evil is always responsible. A third incorrect answer to the question of suffering is that it is not ours to question, that we are just not capable of understanding. A fourth and final ill conceived response to suffering's existence is that God merely allows it.

None of these responses could be further from the truth. There are answers to be had. Rock solid, absolute truth answers. You just have to know where to find them. You see, at one time I had these same questions. When pain and suffering came to visit me, I sure wanted to know why. I knew where to look, so I spent two years researching and chronicling my journey to find answers.

This book will teach you what you want to know if you are willing to listen.

If you will read it, and be open to what God has to say, I am certain you will move from the dark clouds of pain and suffering to the blue skies and sunlight of peace.


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Why am I Suffering? - A book by Angie Williams